• Dark

    Blend with a strong, intense and persistent aroma. Presents a full-bodied intensity and generous taste, which can not fail to conquer the first taste.

  • Strong

    Vigorous, creamy and dense blend. Full body and intense taste. It’s obtained from the right balance of arabic and robust that make it inimitable with its enveloping aroma.

  • Arabic

    Delicate and very high profile flavored, sweet and consistent. The Arabic Blend is the result of a masterly selection and roasting of fine coffees, mostly coming from the best Brazilian plantations. The coffee obtained is the right balance between an intense aroma and a full and sweet taste.

  • Dek

    The Dek blend was designed for those who don’t like caffeine but don’t want to renounce the soft and velvety taste of Arabic. The balance between acidity and bitterness make it perfect. Even the most strenuous supporters of “classic” coffee will drink it without noticing any difference.